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Top things to do in Aruba

The island of paradise!

Famously known for being the vacation spot of all dreams, Aruba is a true tropical, adventurous getaway. Aside from the golden sunshine that highlights your every step from plane touch down, to begrudging goodbye, some of Aruba’s main draws to tourism reside in the wide expanse of activities

available for travelers. Whether your ‘cup of tea’ resides in chilling ocean side on a world renowned beach, or snorkeling the ruins of 20th century maritime pride, Aruba is the perfect place to release some of that wanderlust spirit! While some of the advertisements may target a specific sort of traveler, Aruba is notable for being open and inviting to just about anybody. Whether you’re looking for that perfect honeymoon spot, a spur of the moment independent getaway, or a refreshing family vacation: Aruba is ready and waiting to make some memories with you!

Here are some suggestions about where to go once island side:

Eagle Beach

Don’t just sit in the sun, sport in it! Eagle Beach is one of the most known beaches on the island, and is therefore always abuzz with tourists, locals, and plenty of fun. Eagle Beach is commonly referred to as the “low rise beach” due to its low rise hotels that line the shoreline, and therefore nestles into that charming niche of maintained while holding onto its natural essence. If you are staying in a highly commercialized part of Aruba, there is a high chance that you will be in the “low rise area”, meaning you’re only a few steps away from one of the most beautiful beaches in Aruba!

Arikok National Park

Witness the wildlife of Aruba firsthand, and visit the Arikok National Park! Residing on the East Coast of the island, Arikok National Park surrounds an ethereal and stunning natural pool cradled by intricate rock formations. As an active wildlife site, this location is no stranger to animals such as turtles (especially during nesting season!), parakeets, and iguanas! This is the place to go for outdoor enthusiasts, path making hikers, and anybody generally interested in seeing a different walk of life. Place Arikok in your Aruba bucket list if you ride on the side of adventure, and want to hike through some of the best preserved lands on the island!

Aruba Butterfly Farm

For a truly unique and unforgettable experience in Aruba, stop by a butterfly farm! You will be able to walk through all the stunning stages of life for a butterfly, all the while surrounded by a breathtaking tropical garden. While many countries may have butterfly farms, Aruba is discernible in its by-the-beach ensemble that still boasts of the colorful life of butterflies. There are few opportunities that can compare to this experience, and it is incredibly kid friendly! Families, couples, singles, everybody is welcome for a nice day on the shore to marvel at the wonders of color come to life.

Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations

If chilling by the beach doesn’t have enough adrenaline, then try hiking some of the rock formations. This is even a historical landmark, as the earliest settlers on the island (the Arawak people) carved paintings into the rocks in the area that speak of proficiency of history. Some of the most notable landmarks of this site is the reddish brown rocks that designate the Casibari Boulders, and the view from their resting point provides an impressive, near eagle-eye view of the location as a whole.

Scuba the Pedernales Wreck

Built in 1938, and severely damaged in 1942, the SS Pedernales was split into several disconnected pieces of the original tanker. There are many tours and guided dives headed out to the scene where the Pedernales sunk, and therefore is available for underwater exploration! Snorkel or scuba the tropics and get a firsthand, in depth look at the sunken remains of history. Although the wreckage site is the main focus of this dive, there is an abundance of natural wildlife swimming about the site. Diving here means you will see the ecosystem of the sea teeming with life, and bustling all around you as you explore!

Casino at the Hyatt Regency

If you’ve hit your outdoor quota for the day and would prefer to blow off steam or try your luck at some slots then visit the highly praised casino’s on Aruba! While there are plenty of casinos on the island, the Hyatt Regency is often recommended to those who are looking for a classy but fun affair. Be sure to bring some old fashioned good luck, and a competitive spirit to make your time at one of the best casino’s on the island, worth it!

The California Lighthouse

Erected and named after the sunken ship ‘California’, this lighthouse has become a staple mark both in practicality and beauty on the island. Standing at 150 feet, this lighthouse is an incredible coastline landmark, and provides stunning views of the wide expanse of ocean in front of it, and the beautiful island behind it. While it can be viewed at any time, the results are in and a sunset view of the California Lighthouse is something no traveler forgets. Especially if you’re standing at the balcony of the watchtower, watching all that falls below it be painted in that dusk golden glow.

Jeep Tour

What better way to see the island than to see all of it? Jeep tour’s will take you to all the prime spots, as well as a few that are rarely mentioned in the travel books. While having a guide/driver is recommended for suggestions and professional knowledge of the lay of the land, travelers can also rent out a private jeep and simply drive their way from coast to coast, attraction to attraction. Jeep Tours are a great way to find your way around the island, and to familiarize yourself with the settings. If you start out with this option, then you can even pass by some sites you weren’t previously interested in and mentally write them down as what to hit next!

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