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Meet Alex Ziselman, 

Founder of A2Z Travel Design

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I worked with travel agents long before I became one myself. 


Unfortunately, my experiences weren’t exactly worth writing home about …


Agent #1 promised me I would receive an on-board credit for the cruise he booked … but that credit just went “poof,” never to appear. 


Agent #2 sold me travel insurance (that’s good!)—but it wouldn’t actually cover my particular travel situation (that’s … not so good). 


Agent #3 left me to fend for myself when my cruise got rerouted during a hurricane. I didn’t have a way to get home, and the cruise line encouraged us tired and weary passengers to call our travel agents for help. 


So that’s exactly what I did (paying $5/minute to use the cruise’s phone!). I explained the situation to my travel agent. 


She responded: “Well, what do you want me to do about it?”




I thought travel agents were supposed to ease the frustrations of travel, not cause them!


While these experiences certainly weren’t fun, there is a silver lining. They inspired me to open my own travel agency—and to do things differently. 


I know what it’s like to get the run around, to trust someone with something as precious as a big once-a-year, bucket-list vacation—only to get a pile of headaches in return.


Not on my watch. 


In fact, I founded A2Z Travel Design on a very simple premise: I’m here to make things easy for you. 


That means you can count on me to solve your problems proactively (and cheerfully!), answer all your questions promptly, and provide you my honest opinion on how to best achieve your travel dreams. 


The result? A bucket list itinerary that comes together seamlessly, with travel support every step of your journey (yes, even after your plane has taken off!). 


Because choosing the right destination, cruise line, or hotel is only part of what makes a travel experience exceptional. 


The secret ingredient to travel worth writing home about? Stellar service—and I vow to give you nothing less. 


Ready to experience truly spectacular, stress-free travel?


Then I invite you to book your complimentary consultation call with me. Click below to pick a time to chat, so we can start shaping your travel dreams into reality!

Certifications and Credentials


Certified Travel Associate

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Silversea Cruises Specialist

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