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Crafting Your Journey, From A2Z

What does “full-service travel planning” mean?


It means you can relax, because I’m here to take care of every part of planning your trip for you. From start to finish, you’ll experience a stress-free approach to bringing your bucket list escape to life. 


Here’s what my no-stone-left-unturned planning process looks like: 


Step 1—We Connect:


Let’s first chat on your consultation call (it’s complimentary!). I like to kick off every client escape with this call, so I can get a good feel for your travel likes and dislikes, past vacations that wowed (or underwhelmed) you, and what would make your next trip a spectacular success.


Step 2—Your Proposal:


Once I’ve got all the details on what kind of bucket list trip you’re after, I’ll start crafting your personalized travel proposal. From the suggested properties or cruise line to special tours and excursions, I work with my vetted travel partners to design an itinerary tailored to your specific interests and travel style.  


Step 3—Let’s Get You Booked:


 Once we refine your itinerary, I’ll get to work booking all your travel for you. This includes everything from flights and hotels/cruise cabins to tours, transfers, restaurant reservations, and more.


Plus, I’ll be honest with you about what you should leave to me—and what you would be better off booking yourself. For example, I may recommend you book your own flights so you can use your airline miles and get the best value possible!


Step 4—And You’re Off!: 


Now for the fun part—packing your bags and jetting (or sailing) off on the adventure of a lifetime! Luckily, your adventure comes without all the bumps in the road. You can reach out to me directly to smooth out any emergencies, and I’ll even help with the “little things,” like changing a tour or sending your hotel your bedding request. I want your trip to be memorable for all the right reasons!




Ready to Get Your Dream Trip?


Then let’s connect! Click below to pick a time to chat on your complimentary consultation call, so we can start shaping your travel dreams into a reality!


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