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Planning a St. Lucia Vacation? Choose Sugar Beach for an amazing Experience!

Sugar Beach is a Viceroy Resort located in St. Lucia. This iconic and luxurious resort has been a mainstay on this Caribbean Island for many years, dating all the way back to when it was originally a sugar plantation. However, the resort has recently embarked on a few upgrades to make your stay better than ever!

From the day Sugar Beach originally opened, guests have been able to walk along the soft pristine sand of St. Lucia’s infamous Sugar Beach. In the distance, the twin Pitons loom over the landscape and you can almost feel the mist from the nearby 100 acres of lush rainforest. While most guests never spend much time in their rooms, the bright airy feeling of the interiors of the property has always made everyone feel at home.

Now when you arrive at Sugar Beach, you will still have that amazing feeling. But your welcome will include so many enhanced experiences and upgrades. The cottages, bungalows, villas, and guest rooms you have come to love will still be available at Sugar Beach. But you will also have the opportunity to stay in one of nine new luxury guest rooms. Four of those new accommodations will be one-bedroom bungalows located directly on the beach. The remaining guest rooms are also one-bedroom options, but those will be luxury cottages located up on the mountainside.

As soon as you walk into one of these new bungalows, or cottages, you will find a contemporary design complete with a neutral color palette. During your time in these spaces, you can relax, as you take in the views of the Pitons, the sparkling water along the shoreline, and the gorgeous gardens. Of course, I don’t recommend spending too much time in your rooms, because you will have a renovated pool and spa area to enjoy during your visit. There is also a new wellness and fitness center at the beach, which has spaces for both a yoga studio and a gym.

The main swimming pool will still be located near the Pitons, but new luxury cabanas and a poolside bar will enhance your daily swimming experience. Just past the swimming pool will be a new special events area that can be used for any special events you may want to consider having while you are on vacation in St. Lucia.

When you are not swimming, you may want to indulge in a spa treatment or two at the Rainforest Spa. The spa is located directly in the heart of the rainforest, leading to a relaxing experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world. A new couples treehouse has been constructed to act as the tenth spa treatment room. The large glass windows offer spectacular views of the rainforest, so you won’t miss a beat while soaking in the tub, getting a massage, or other treatment. And the balcony is perfect for those pre and post spa treatment times.

The biggest changes you will notice when you are vacationing at Sugar Beach will be the dining areas. All the restaurant locations will remain the same and you can still see those spectacular views you are used to if you are a returning guest. The fine dining restaurant is simply receiving an update to ensure you have the best views of both the beach and the Pitons. And you won’t want to miss out on the new open-air bar that is being installed in that space as well.

If al-fresco dining is more your style, you will love the undercover outdoor seating that will allow you to eat at those restaurants even if rain is falling. So, leave your flip flops down by your beach chair on the sand and embrace this new way of dining just steps away from the waves of the Caribbean.

You truly can’t go wrong with the “new” Sugar Beach in St. Lucia! This incredible space has been allowing guests like yourself to make memories for years now. The incredible renovations that have been taking place are only going to increase the vacation vibe at this resort, so you can have even more fun in the sun and the sand with the people you love the most. I guarantee this resort will quickly become one of your favorites!


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