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How to kick-start your Love life... No Flowers or Candy required!

Are you one of those modern couples who already has all the pots, pans and china that you could ever use? One of the latest trends in Honeymoon/Romance travel is the use of a “Honeymoon Registry”. I can work with you to choose the perfect honeymoon and, once the reservation is made, I can help you set up an online registry through which you can have your guests contribute to the cost of the trip, instead of purchasing another silver flower vase! I recently had a bridal couple who requested honeymoon registry gifts in lieu of traditional wedding gifts and actually ended up raising the funds to pay for 85% of the total trip cost! I provide you with cards to send out with shower and wedding invitations and you get a notification whenever someone gives a “gift” so you can stay up-to-date on those Thank You notes as well. There is no cost for the service (as long as A2Z Travel LLC books your honeymoon trip) and the Registry can be customized as a landing page on your own wedding website, or linked to your own “The Knot” site as well. What a great idea, huh????

Destination Weddings are becoming more and more popular....Imagine saying “I Do” with your toes in the sand on a Hawaiian beach, or in the vineyard of your own Tuscan Villa, or in the VIP Club of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Football stadium like Jen and Ryan did! Travel Professionals are well-trained in the legalities and organization of details so that you don’t have to stress over the big day...and neither do your parents! You can still have input and make decisions about your ceremony details, but leave all those pesky details to someone else....Your friends and family probably wouldn’t be too upset about squeezing in a little trip to paradise either! A number of All-Inclusive Resorts that are known for their Destination Wedding programs offer sharply discounted “preview” packages for the bride & groom to get a chance to actually see the venues and familiarize themselves with a resort before committing to the “big day”.....Ask us for details!

Maybe your wedding and bridal shower days are behind you....that certainly doesn’t mean your days of Romance Travel are long gone too! One of the fastest growing trends in Romance Travel is the Vow Renewal Vacation. Couples who have survived raising their own children, multiple job changes, financial ups and downs and all of the little surprises that life can throw at you are deciding to re-commit to each other – and their family – during a multi- generational getaway. Sometimes it is to commemorate a “big number” celebration like a 25th Wedding Anniversary and sometimes “just because” they have managed to still like each other after all the years together. What better way for new “empty nesters” to set the stage for a brilliant life together after the kids have moved on??? Vow Renewal ceremonies can be as simple and elegant or as large and “loud” as you choose and the whole extended family gets the benefit of spending time together in a relaxing setting while sharing in the joy.

So, the next time you are thinking about that special someone and trying to decide between flowers and candy, why not give your trusted Travel Professional a call? We can be very discreet...I have planned many "surprise" anniversary trips in my day! And I think it is safe to assume that a week in paradise might just get you a little more Romance in your life than a dozen roses! Just Sayin’!!!!

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