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Cruise only or Cruise and Land Tour in Alaska?

Are you ready an Alaska showdown?! We're going to be looking at the world of Alaska cruises and comparing them to a cruise tour. Ready to see which wins?

Alaskan Cruises are just that--cruises around the state of Alaska with a stop in Canada. These can be one-way or roundtrip cruise from Seattle, Victoria, or Anchorage, as some of the major ports of embarkation/debarkation.

Best for: 1. Contemporary Cruisers- As these are shorter journeys compared to a cruise tour.

2. Alaska First-Timers- There is so much to do in Alaska, that naturally it can be overwhelming, and a bit tiresome. Get your bearings with an Alaska cruise and then on your next visit, you can graduate to a cruise tour.

3. Quick Vacation- You are visiting Alaska to take in what it's famous for glaciers, mountains, wildlife, and the last American frontier! A quick trip will do to check off all the major sites on your bucket list.

Alaskan Cruise Tours take you deeper into mainland Alaska, with stops that include Fairbanks and Denali National Park. You will either begin or end your cruise trip with this land portion of the cruise tour.

Best for: 1. Luxury Cruisers- As the land portion can add up to 7 days to your cruise trip, where you'll be staying in beautiful lodge accommodations at each stop.

2. Alaska Veterans- Have most likely already done the "must-see" sites in the cruise ports; now they are ready for something richer.

3. Enriching Journey- You've only had a taste of the frontier and want to get in deeper and experience the beautiful lodges, railways, and history of the early settlers. You'll also have more opportunities for wildlife sightings and nature hikes.

Regardless of whether you’d like to do a cruise or cruise tour to Alaska, I can say, Alaska is overall a very rejuvenating experience. It’s very different from visiting the hustle and bustle towns in Europe or elsewhere in the world. We can really connect and reconnect to what’s important in our lives.

I cannot wait to experience Alaska again, as, like a glacier, the best stuff is beneath the surface (away from the shoreline). CLICK HERE to plan your bucket list trip to Alaska!

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