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5 Destinations You Should Consider for Your Next Summer Vacation

Summer vacations are a time for connecting with family, indulging in delectable cuisine, and the opportunity to have a little rest and relaxation. Of course, no summertime adventure would be complete without thrilling activities and watching a sunrise or sunset at least once. There are so many incredible destinations around the world to visit and I am sharing five summer vacation destinations for you to consider.


Italy is a phenomenal country, and this year is going to be perfect for exploring there! You simply cannot visit only one city in Italy, which is why it is the perfect option for a customized vacation. I recommend beginning your impressive journey in either Rome or the Amalfi Coast. From there you could easily travel to Milan, the Northern Lakes, Florence, or Venice.

If this is your first trip to Italy, Rome would make a great starting point. Add in a stop in Verona, Pisa, or Pompeii, and you will have an adventure you will never forget! You may be a little overwhelmed at the moment with so many options but trust me when I say you will be thrilled once your itinerary has been finalized. And when you arrive in Italy, you will be wowed by the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, all the stunning beaches, the food, and so much more.

Yellowstone National Park

Being out in the middle of Yellowstone National Park might be exactly where you want to spend a little time reconnecting with your family. After all, there won’t be anything to distract you, unless you count the bison, elk, and bears roaming around nearby.

The hiking trails in this park seem to go on forever, which is why it is important to decide which trails you are hiking prior to your arrival. I recommend taking your camera to capture all the sights, especially if you choose to watch the sunrise over at Lamar Valley one morning. While the kids will love everything Yellowstone has to offer, don’t forget to sign them up to become a Junior Ranger during your visit.

Hamburg, Germany

The city of Hamburg is located in the northern section of Germany, and it is filled with so many wonders! As amazing as Hamburg is during the summer months, you must be prepared to visit this city with thousands of other tourists. After all, this city is the place to be during the summer months in Europe!

As a cultural destination, Hamburg is one of the best places to watch performances. I recommend making sure one of the performances held at Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall is on your itinerary. Other places to consider during your vacation in Hamburg include Miniatur Wunderland, Heide Park, St. Michael’s Church, and Speicherstadt.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It may be winter down in Rio de Janeiro when the US is experiencing summer, but that doesn’t mean you should cross this destination off your summer vacation list! The temperatures are still in the 60s during this time of the year, which is perfect for sightseeing and time at the shoreline. The best part about visiting Rio during our summer is you won’t feel overwhelmed with thousands of other people vacationing at the same time.

As you wander through the streets of Rio de Janeiro, and the nearby areas, you will want to spend time at Tijuca National Park, Christ the Redeemer Statue, and Copacabana Beach. A ride on the cable car to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain is always a must, as is visiting the Theatro Municipal.

Portland, Maine

Seafood will be at the top of your list when you decide to take your summer vacation in Portland, Maine. However, you will want to make sure you stay active if you plan to eat quite a bit of it during your visit! This will be difficult since this area has a laid back vibe you will instantly embrace the moment you arrive.

If you can manage to pull yourself away from the beach, you will discover cobblestone streets throughout the Old Port District. Those cobblestones lead to charming boutiques, a brewery, and more restaurants than you could possibly visit during your summer vacation. I recommend making sure you schedule a ferry ride to Peaks Island when you are in Portland, because it is an excellent way to see Casco Bay from a different vantage point.

These are five destinations you should consider for your next summer vacation. Each one of these gorgeous destinations offers something unique your entire family will love. As you are considering which summer vacation destination is perfect, you must decide exactly what you want to experience during your time away from home. This will ensure you choose the vacation destination that will make all your summer dreams come true, as you get a little relaxation in at the same time.


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